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An independent therapist with wide working experience

Services provided:
  • Time Limited and Open Ended Therapy
  • Psychoanalytic and Integrative approaches
  • Agency and NHS referrals undertaken

Trauma Work

Prior to training in counselling and psychotherapy, Susan has lived and worked within education abroad, including W. Africa, N. Africa, the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia- and the Far East and has been involved in the field of therapy for a decade. Latterly, her work has included approximately five years in the area of trauma, with patients affected by the Balkans war, and also those from the Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkish Kurds. She is experienced in working through an interpreter when necessary.

During 2005 Susan spent two weeks in Phuket, post Tsunami- in a consultancy/support role with the Phuket Childline ‘Saidek Caravan’ project, supporting and training teams of young people and accompanying them to outlying schools affected by the Tsunami, plus, carrying out an audit of trauma regarding the residual affects re children and teaching staff at the target schools, which formed part of her report.

Additionally Susan has researched, from a heuristic view point, ‘The Relevance of Counselling and Psychotherapy for Carers of Looked After Children in Institutional Settings’ and this unpublished work may be located by those working in this field, at the library of the University of Surrey.










Practices in Central London and the New Forest, (Hampshire/ Dorset borders), Convenient for Southampton/Bournemouth and surrounding areas. Experienced in working through interpreters

Therapy offered for a wide range of psychological issues, including: Personal issues, Relationships, Work issues, Loss, Bereavement; as well as Intercultural and Refugee issues: Trauma, Political/ Organisational Violence.